Does a waist trainer really work?

Waist trainers are the tight laced corsets that have been in vogue for quite some time now. All the big manufacturing companies and a lot of celebrities are putting their vote of confidence in waist trainers.

But the question stands, is it all just promotion to get us worked up about your bodies and then make money off it, or does it actually work?

I had to be the one to break it out to everyone wanting the hourglass body. Corsets do not actually work.


Waist trainers basically tighten your body making it appear thinner. They make semi-permanent changes in the body i.e. the original shape comes back once you take it off.

The waist trainers actually just make you sweat a lot because they are made of latex and hence only reduce the water weight around your waist and not the fatty layer. It might seem that you’ve lost weight, but once you take your daily intake of water or a high carbohydrate meal, the weight is going to come back.

The best way to reduce your waist is to keep a proper diet and exercise regularly. If you do that and use a waist trainer, you might start thinking waist trainers work though but it wouldn’t be the waist trainer making the difference. Source :

Finding the Right Restaurant Near You

Choosing the perfect restaurant can be tricky business. Your mood might be a deciding factor in finding the perfect restaurant. However, your mood might lead you to unhygienic dining places. Here are some easy criteria that can help you in finding a place that is not only sanitary but also serves tasty food.

  1. Ask for a recommendation from a foodie

Always consult your neighbors or friends who also happen to be foodies about any recommendations. They probably know a whole lot about restaurants than you and can guide you in the right direction.

  1. Are the workers unkempt?

The appearance of the workers in a restaurant matters a lot. Whenever you visit a restaurant near you, observe the workers. Are they working in harmony or are they just doing things haphazardly. Do they have a disheveled appearance? Is the restaurant staff friendly? Are they wearing the proper uniforms sewed professionally ?All these factors need to be kept in mind before ordering in a restaurant near you.

  1. Check the reviews of the Restaurant

You can check out the reviews of a restaurant from the internet. Most, if not all restaurants have a Facebook page to promote their restaurant. You can check what kind of ratings the restaurant is getting.


  1. Is the restaurant affordable?

Make sure that the menu items are not overpriced. Most of the times, the restaurants have food items which do not justify their price tag.

  1. Is the restaurant properly oriented?

How does the place look? Is it a clean place to sit in and enjoy your food? How is the overall setting of the restaurant? Are the seats comfortable? How does the place smell? All these things can help you in finding the perfect restaurant.

  1. Finally, find a restaurant which specializes in the food you want to eat. You can’t go to a Chinese restaurant and hope to get the best pizza in the world. That’s just preposterous. It doesn’t matter if that Chinese restaurant has great ratings.

Things you should never order when eating out

When you go out to eat in a fancy restaurant and order food, you make very unwise choices. This is mainly because you are unaware of what happens behind the curtains of the restaurant. Here are some things that you should absolutely avoid whenever you eat out with your family or loved ones.

  1. Slide the Complimentary bread away from eyes

You reach a restaurant and you’re really hungry. You just can’t wait for the food to arrive, so you start to sate your appetite with the garlic bread that’s in front of you. You’re completely oblivious to the fact that most restaurants recycle the garlic bread and once you’ve spared some pieces of that garlic bread, instead of just disposing it off, the restaurant staff will put it in the bread warmer.

  1. Discard the All you can eat buffet salad

If you come across the all you can eat buffet salad, I would strongly recommend you to discard it. Most of these salads are really unhygienic and will make you feel uneasy and cause digestive problems.

  1. Soup is a No-go

I know that a hot bowl of soup can be quite exhilarating on a chilly day but is it really worth it? Absolutely not! It’s all about the temperature. This soup stays lukewarm for hours when it is stored at night because of improper cooling conditions.

  1. Order what everyone’s ordering

If you’re concerned about the freshness of your food, you should always order a menu item that is quite popular among the customers. The popular menu item would have been turned over less and there is a greater possibility of it not being recycled.

  1. Water with unsanitary Limes and oranges? Really?

Thinking of having water with your lemon because lemons have anti-cancerous properties and are really good for your health? Hold that thought. Most bartenders and restaurant staff don’t even wash the limes and oranges and handle them with their bare hands.

  1. Steer clear of the Soda

You should always make healthy choices for your own sake. Soda is not good for your health and it’s even worse when you order it at a restaurant because the nozzles of the soda machines rarely get cleaned.

  1. Oh I’m so lucky to catch the restaurant at the closing time! Not really.

It’s always strongly advised to never order food from a restaurant at its closing time because there is a grave risk of it being improperly warmed at inadequate temperatures. This is due to the fact that most restaurants turn off their burners for cleaning them out before closing their doors.

  1. Only order food that the restaurant specializes in making

This is common sense. I mean, how can a restaurant that specializes in making Chinese food be good at serving with you a mouthwatering pizza. You’re just wasting your money.


These are some of the basic pointers that many people who have worked for different restaurants have suggested to ensure good hygiene. Make sure to keep these in mind. I hope you have a great time!