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Does a waist trainer really work?

Waist trainers are the tight laced corsets that have been in vogue for quite some time now. All the big manufacturing companies and a lot of celebrities are putting their vote of confidence in waist trainers.

But the question stands, is it all just promotion to get us worked up about your bodies and then make money off it, or does it actually work?

I had to be the one to break it out to everyone wanting the hourglass body. Corsets do not actually work.


Waist trainers basically tighten your body making it appear thinner. They make semi-permanent changes in the body i.e. the original shape comes back once you take it off.

The waist trainers actually just make you sweat a lot because they are made of latex and hence only reduce the water weight around your waist and not the fatty layer. It might seem that you’ve lost weight, but once you take your daily intake of water or a high carbohydrate meal, the weight is going to come back.

The best way to reduce your waist is to keep a proper diet and exercise regularly. If you do that and use a waist trainer, you might start thinking waist trainers work though but it wouldn’t be the waist trainer making the difference. Source : bestwaisttrainersguide.com

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